Commercial Photography Services

Building your brand through dynamic visual content is an valuable investment that doesn’t have to break the bank! Available from*

£70 per hour

Great for shorter jobs such as corporate head shots, press coverage and events

£250 per half day

Perfect for those projects that need a little more attention to detail such as editorial, promotional product and food photography

£475 per full day

If you’re looking for multiple area of a building to photographed, several bespoke set-ups with models or behind-the-scenes and in-depth event coverage then this is probably for you

Bespoke Project/Campaign Quotes

Some projects and campaigns require several days, weeks or even months of coverage so let’s talk about your needs today! 

Creative Consultancy & Project Management

As well as providing the content creation services themselves, Blackfell also provides brand imaging consultation services and can even project manage your set up from developing aesthetics to seeking out and contracting the best designers, UX/UI builders and marketing teams for your business.

The benefit of a creative project consultant or facilitator is that the look and feel will be consistent across the course of your development, cohesive and collaborative creative workflows mean that Blackfell can take the stress of creating your brand identity off your shoulders and act as your liaison between multiple services.

We start by speaking with you, finding out exactly what you need and helping you to formulate a vision of what you’d like your brand to be. From there we set out a budget and timeframe that is realistic, we find the best people for the job and direct them on the build meaning you can concentrate on running the business proper. Weekly progress reporting, monthly service reviews and regular visualisation meetings mean you’ll always be in the know but without the runabout.

Call or email today to discuss your requirements and let Blackfell build your brand!